We can do better than business as usual.

It's time to cut taxes, cut fees, and cut wasteful spending.

From day one, I’ll scrutinize every dollar City Hall spends. Within my first 100 days as mayor, I’ll complete a review of all active city contracts, eliminating wasteful expenditures that don’t provide a clear benefit to citizens. Together, we’ll build the most efficient, streamlined, and citizen-focused government in Pensacola’s history.

We'll make Pensacola the best place in America to do business.

Government doesn’t create jobs — but we can and will create a better environment for job creation. We’ll cut through red tape, install a customer-centric culture at City Hall, and make it as easy as possible to start or grow a business. Partnering with local universities, we’ll make reversing Pensacola’s “brain drain” a top priority.

Citizens deserve a transparent, people-focused city government.

As mayor, I’ll infuse transparency into every department and ensure that most requests for public records are met within 24 hours or less. I’ll move the mayor’s office from the 7th floor of City Hall down to the people, establish regular open-door office hours, attend city council meetings, and hold regular town hall meetings throughout the city.

Neighborhoods should be at the heart of everything City Hall does.

As Pensacola grows, it’s critical that we make sure our residents aren’t left behind. We’ll invest in neighborhoods with streetlights and other infrastructure and work to expand access to affordable housing. Partnering with public, private, and nonprofit organizations, we’ll also make early childhood education and ending veteran homelessness top priorities.

Meet Drew

A veteran, small business owner, and seventh-generation Floridian, Drew grew up learning from his great-uncle — former Florida governor Reubin O’Donovan Askew — about the importance of honesty, personal ethics, and public service. Now, those lessons are guiding Drew on his campaign to be Pensacola’s next mayor.



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