Thank you, Pensacola!

To my family, friends, team, volunteers, and supporters, thank you so much for standing with me throughout our campaign.

I am so grateful, honored, and amazed by all we have built together. When I announced that I would run for Mayor without taking a dollar from corporations or PACs, establishment insiders thought I was crazy. It’s never been done in this city. They said too few of working people care enough about politics to fuel a campaign of this scale in our city, and we wouldn’t be able to raise enough support to get our campaign off the ground.

We proved them wrong. Our message was new, bold, and clear. We stood up against the special interests in Pensacola, we spoke out against the lack of transparency at City Hall, and we gave working Pensacolians a voice in this election. We shattered the record of small individual contributions — while other candidates averaged $600 or $700.

Because of you, we brought thousands of regular working Pensacolians together and set an example of what politics could be — what our future will be. We knocked on thousands of doors speaking to citizens in each of Pensacola’s neighborhoods. Our videos have been viewed tens of thousands of times on social media. We energized voters young and old to make their voices heard. We changed Pensacola politics. On and prior to Election Day, volunteers were out in the field bright and early canvassing and sign waving until the sun went down. No corporate machine could’ve mobilized the excitement we have and you are all so incredible for it.

So let me just say, that while campaigns end, movements don’t.

So, we will not stop; the stakes are too high. We must continue to work to bring transparency to government, to provide opportunities for all Pensacolians, to provide livable jobs, to preserve our neighborhoods and our past, and to create a truly sustainable city.

There are other races, organizing opportunities, community actions, and many meaningful ways to get involved. I will not give up on you, so please continue with me as we take the next steps to #FightForPensacola.